How to Root Android Using Kingroot

How to Root Android Using Kingroot With/Without PC?

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Hello there, If you want to boost the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet by rooting, you should look for the best tool and a safe method, as there are some risks. So, we recommend “Kingroot” as one of the best options for rooting your Android device because it makes the procedure as simple as possible. We will definitely teach you a thorough method on how to root Android using Kingroot in this post.

You may be aware that “rooting” your Android device is the only way to unlock it by “gaining administrator control over your smartphone or tablet’s operating system.” It allows customers to modify anything to their liking. Users with privilege access can install custom ROMs, moded or limited apps and games, remove bootloaders (pre-installed software), boost battery life, and speed up device performance by making suitable modifications like the manufacturer’s.

People asking me that “Is rooting Android safe?“. As it has too many benefits as well as significant hazards such as voiding warranty or bricking risk if done incorrectly. Rooting Android is not dangerous or difficult if done with an effective tool or in a secure way. Initially, manufacturers or device carriers claimed that rooting was illegal because it allowed users to bypass device OS special codes.

But now, some of them allows it and even helps in it. They said that users can root their device using popular tool like Kingroot. It has available in Pc version and Android version. Both version are best and offers a huge compatibility. In this blog post, we’ll guide through both methods for rooting your android using Kingroot. If one is not working then you can choose another.

To ensure a smooth and secure process, the first step to do important things before starting:

What to do before Rooting Android?

  • It is important to back up your data before making any big modifications to your device such as contacts, msg, photographs, videos, and other essential data are all included. For this purpose, you can use backup software.
  • Before beginning the rooting process, make sure your smartphone has 50% charge. A drained battery during the rooting process can cause issues.
  • Also check that the kingroot is compatible for your device or not.
  • Enable Developer options first then USB debugging, OEM option in your device’s Developer Options. This is required if you are root your device using computer.
  • Before starting, thoroughly read and understand the rooting instructions. Following each step precisely lowers the risk of errors or issues occurring during the process.

Advantages of rooting android using Kingroot:

  • Obtain Superuser privileges full control.
  • Extend the life of your device’s battery.
  • Disable advertisements from appearing on apps or websites.
  • Install moded themes fonts and customize as you want.
  • Install incompatible or restricted applications or games.
  • Back up data byte by byte.
  • Overclocking CPU and GPU to enhance performance.
  • Easy UI interface and straight forward process.

Disadvantages of rooting android using Kingroot:

  • KingRoot requires broad permissions, which could create a security issue.
  • Don’t update receive OTA update.
  • Can’t update device software to the latest version.

How to Root Android Using Kingroot (Two Ways):

As you know that Kingroot has two version; Pc version and Android version. We use both methods with a step by step instructions.

  1. Root android using kingroot with Pc.
  2. Root android using kingroot without Pc.

Method#1: Root android using Kingroot with Pc version:

Kingroot For Pc

KingRoot for PC was developed for use on laptops that run the Windows operating system. It makes the rooting procedure as quick and easy as possible. The KingRoot App is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, although it does not root all Android devices. As a result, you should verify the list of compatible devices on the official KingRoot website.

However, the rooting technique is simple enough that even novices with no technical experience can utilize it. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of installing kingroot on a computer and rooting your device.

Downloading The Latest Version:

Step1: You can Download the latest and updated KingRoot Software this website.

Step2: Once the file downloaded, open it and follow simple instructions.

Note that the installation will be in Chinese so please follow carefully.

Start to get Root Access:

Step1: Open Kingroot software on your computer or laptop.

Step2: You should need to connect your device to you your PC through the USB. (It is recommended to use original cable to prevent any error).

Step3: Before proceeding, make sure that you have enable developer option or OEM unlock, USB debugging option. It is very important before doing next step.

Step4: In the first opened window, you can see the KingRoot software automatically connecting to your device.


Step5: After a few seconds, KingRoot will detect all of your phone’s details (Kernels, device models, system characteristics, and OS information).

Step6: After detecting all essential details, the “Not root access yet” message and Root Green button will appear. When you tap the one-click green button, the entire root process is completed appropriately. After clicking the “Root Now” button, you’ll notice a progress bar with the phrase that please wait while rooting.

Step7: Finally, you can see the green tick mark and the phrase “You’ve successfully gained root access.” To begin the entire root process, click the “try it” option. You may examine the root percentage and complete a few steps to properly root your smartphone. Then you’ll notice the message Successful. The device has now been successfully rooted using the KingRoot with PC method.

Method#2: Root android using Kingroot with Android version:

Kingroot For Aandroid

This method is simple straightforward than using computer as it can quickly root your android phone. There is no need of computer or USB and no need install firmware, you can root your device by one click within 20-30 seconds. That’s why kingroot is a quick and efficient than another tools. This is user choice and more comfortable than Pc version.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to root android device with Kingroot-Apk.

Downloading The Latest Version:

Step1: To begin, click the “Download Now” button to obtain the most recent version. This will take you to the main download page; please wait a few seconds for the file to load. A download icon will appear; click it to begin downloading.

Step2: Once completed, open your mobile file manager and search for (Kingroot Apk v5.4.0), then click ‘install‘ to begin the installation process.

Step3: During the installation, you will be prompted by Google Play that (this software attempts to circumvent Android security safeguards), as shown in the image.

install anyway

Step4: Select “more detail” now. Then, select “install anyway” to proceed with the installation.

Step5: Once the program has been entirely installed, you will see a confirmation notice; click to proceed.

Start to get Root Access:

Step1: Open “Kingroot” app on your android device. It grants some necessary permissions allow all and continue.

Open Kingroot

Step2: Click optimize button to optimize first.


Step3: Click on left corner option this will directed to Kingroot Lab. In this page you will see your device detail as shown below.

android 11


Step4: Now you will see the Try Root option.

Try Root

Step5: Then tap it and the percentage is running. Wait for few moments.

percentage running

Step6: After few moments, you will see on the screen that root successful.

Final Words:

Remember that rooting your smartphone is a personal decision, you can do it at your own risk. It is important to read all instructions and apply carefully. Always back up your data, be aware of the hazards, and proceed with caution. Follow reliable instructions and keep knowledgeable about recommended practices if you decide to root to ensure a nice and secure experience. If you have any question about these steps feel free to ask us.


Q1: Is KingRoot, the one tap Chinese rooting app, legit and safe?

The one-click rooting app like Kingroot is 99% safe and secure as it has rooted many smartphones and tablets easily and quickly. It was developed by Chinese team named “Kingxteam”. Above 25k models of android device has compatible as well as many users said that Kingroot is a reliable.

Q2: How do you unroot a phone using KingRoot?

If you want to unroot after changing mind then follow the steps:

  1. Launch the KingRoot app.
  2. Launch the side menu.
  3. Select the ‘Settings‘ option. Select the ‘Remove ROOT permission‘ option.
  4. On the pop-up prompt, tap the ‘Clear‘ button.
  5. That’s all. During this process, your phone will reboot and may take longer to boot up. So, please wait.

Q3: Can you root a Android 10 phone with KingRoot?

Yes, Kingroot latest version has able to root any Android smartphones or tablets that are running 3.0 to 11.0 or above. Because I personally root my Vivo 1906 that has been updated and running on Android 11. So, you can also root your Android device that are running on Android 10.

Q4: Why is KingRoot not rooting my phone?

Kingroot is doesn’t support all android devices like another tools. There could be several reasons why KingRoot is not working such as disable bootloader, device compatibility, lazy internet connection, outdated kingroot version. It’s important to ensure that you have download latest version that is 5.4.0. Check these and try again.

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