How to Root Samsung Galaxy A51 Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A51 Without PC (100% Working Tricks)

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy A51 Without PC: A Comprehensive Guide

If you own Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone and searching for best guides on how to root Samsung Galaxy A51 Without PC, then you arrived at right site. In this article, we’ll walk you through the most common tools and their working techniques in detail. For best results, you must thoroughly read our content and apply.

Nowadays, I’ve received too many questions such as How can I root my Samsung Galaxy a51 without losing any data?, why do I need to root my android phone?, is it safe to root it?, will rooting my Samsung A51 void the warranty?, is it possible to root it?, is there a way to root Samsung A51 5G?,  can I still receive official software updates after rooting it?

After receiving these queries, I decided to write this post to answer all of these. Today, I share a complete guide with a step by step instructions. Let’s go!

Why do I need to root my Android Phone?

If want to customize your phone from standard to advance level, then you should root it. Basically, rooting is the process of gaining Superuser or administrative access to your device’s OS. It means you are able to remove the limitations applied by the manufacturer of your device.

Additionally, it allows to unlock hidden features such as flash custom ROMs or Kernel, remove pre-installed apps, install restricted mod apps and games, block unwanted ads from apps or websites and customize your phone according to your wish. That’s features are not accessible in unrooted mobile.

Before starting, it is necessary to know about it’s benefits or losses to understand it more. As it has benefits as well as losses. Let’s see!

Features & Benefits of Rooting:

Learn about the many advantages of rooting your Samsung Galaxy A51. Rooting your device brings up new possibilities, such as better performance, longer battery life, and more customization options.

  • It allows users to customize your device according to your wish.
  • Android users can take full backup of their data.
  • After rooting, you can remove pre installed apps.
  • Flash custom ROMs or custom kernel.
  • Block ads from apps/games or websites.
  • With rooted phone, you can gain superuser access to unlock your device.
  • It allows users to enhance overall performance and maximize the battery life of your device.

Disadvantages of Rooting:

There are risks associated with rooting. Before moving further, be alert of any possible drawbacks and pay attention to any disclaimers. It is important to understand the implications and take care while moving forward.

  • If done incorrectly, it may void your phone warranty.
  • Issue of updating your phone.
  • After rooting, you can’t receive OTA updates from manufacturers.
  • You may not use banking apps after rooting your mobile.
  • If you customize wrong after rooting your smartphone, it will brick it or useless.

Instructions to Root Samsung Galaxy A51:

Rooting Samsung Galaxy A51 using computer is very simple task. By using one click rooting apps, you can root your device in few moments. In this tutorial, we are using safe and reliable tools to ensure an efficient rooting. Just follow it!

As you know that it carries risks. Before proceeding, it is important to ready Samsung Galaxy A51 for rooting.

Consider the following points before rooting:

  • Before rooting, make sure the Samsung Galaxy A51’s bootloader is unlocked. If not unlocked then follow our guidelines here.

Read Guide On: How to unlock bootloader?

  • Verify that the battery on your smartphone is at least 50% or higher for a smooth procedure.
  • Install custom recovery tool to flash files. We use TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) that’s is widely used.
  • Take a complete backup of your important data before rooting.
  • Read all above points prior starting following steps.

Method#1: Root Samsung Galaxy A51 Using Magisk

Magisk is the most popular widely used Android rooting tools. It is the only app that can root latest devices with 99% success rate. One of the best features is that it can minimize the risks of rooting. Read the following steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A51 with magisk.

Step#1: In this step, download the latest version of “Magisk Manager” from here.

Here: Magisk

Step#2: Also download “Magisk Zip” and keep it into you device internal storage.

Step#3: After that install TWRP Recovery. If you don’t know how to install it, then read our guidelines.

Read Guidelines: Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung A51

Step#4: Now boot your phone into recovery mode by pressing (volume down button + power button) simultaneously until you see bootloader screen.

Step#5: In TWRP recovery, tap on the “install” button.

Tap to install twrp

Step#6: After that select the downloaded “” file from internal storage.

Select file

Step#7: Then swipe to confirm flash. It takes few minutes to root your phone.

Swip to confirm flash

Step#8: When it complete, then reboot your mobile.


Step#9: When Samsung A51 boots up, install “Magisk Manager Apk” and enjoy the benefits of rooting.

Method#2: Root Samsung Galaxy A51 With Kingroot

Kingroot is a standalone rooting solution that let’s users to access root in just few seconds with 99% success rate. It has rooted many older or newer devices and reduce the risk of bricking phone. One of the best feature of this app is that it provide simple UI interface to ensure a straightforward process. Read the following steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A51 with Kingroot.

Step#1: First of all, download latest version of “Kingroot-Apk” from here and install it on your phone.


Step#2: Launch the kingroot app on your Samsung Galaxy A51.


Step#3: Allow all the essentials permissions like camera, microphone, location or others.

Step#4: In the next screen, you will see it display your device model. You have to find “Try IT” button and click it to start rooting procedure.

Step#5: It takes some times almost it takes 20 to 40 seconds to complete.

Step#6: During the process your device may reboot many times. Once finished, then it’s boots up. It means your Samsung Galaxy A51 has been rooted successfully.

Method#3: Root Samsung Galaxy A51 With SuperSU

The most widely used program for managing root settings on Android devices is called SuperSU. It functions as a superuser application and doesn’t call for technical knowledge. It has rooted many smartphones or tablets with 97% success rate. Read the following steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A51.

Step#1: You can download latest version of SuperSU from here and make sure you have installed custom recovery like TWRP recovery on your phone.

Step#2: After that boot your phone into download mode simply pressing (volume down button + power button) at the same time until you see bootloader screen.

Step#3: When TWRP page open, then click on “install” button.

Tap to install twrp


Step#4: In next screen, click on “select file” option and find ( file and choose it.

select supersu zip file


Step#5: After selecting .zip file and swipe to flash button to confirm flash.

swip to confirm flash

Step#6: Once flash complete, then tap on “reboot” button.


Step#7: When the phone boots up, congratulations! Your Samsung Galaxy A51 phone has been rooted. You can test it by downloading the basic root checker app from the Google Play store.

Method#4: Root Samsung Galaxy A51 With Kingoroot:

Kingoroot is another best one click root application that has more safe, reduces the risks of damaging phone. It has rooted many smartphone or tablets with 97% success rate. The procedure is straightforward to root your Samsung Galaxy A51. So, read the following steps below:

Step#1: Firstly, get latest version of “Kingoroot” apk from here.

Step#2: Enable unknown sources option from device settings, simply go to Samsung a51 settings then security then you see unknown sources option. Tap it to enable.

Step#3: Now go to your phone internal storage and find kingoroot apk, tap it to install. Follow the screen instruction.


Step#4: Once installed, open it and wait.

Step#5: This app shown you your device models and version. Click on “One click root” button to begin rooting process. Commonly, It will take between 30 and 50 seconds to complete, alternatively it will take several minutes.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy A14 Using Kingoroot

Step#6: During the process your mobile may reboot 2,3 times or more.

Step#7: When complete, then it means your Samsung Galaxy A51 has been rooted successfully. Now you can take all benefits of rooting.

Is it safe to root Samsung Galaxy A51?

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy A51 is both safe and unsafe. If you root your phone by following right methods and tools, then there is no risk of doing it. It’s important to look at its benefits & drawbacks and take a complete backup of your phone before starting any procedure.

Final Words:

Although rooting your Samsung Galaxy A51 will allow you to unlock hidden features, but it’s recommended to proceed with carefully. If you value the warranty and are not comfortable with the potential risks and confused above steps, then it might be best to keep your device unrooted.

However, if customization and advanced features are essential to you and you are willing to take on the associated risks. Then it could enhance your smartphone experience. If you have any issue or questions then feel free to ask us, we response you as soon as possible.


Q1: How can I root my Samsung Galaxy a51 without losing any data?

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy A51 involves unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery, and then flashing the rooting package. While rooting itself doesn’t necessarily erase data, because the process involves potential risks. So, it’s important to take complete backup of your phone data before starting any procedure.

Q2: Will rooting my Samsung A51 void the warranty?

Rooting means modifying the device’s software at the system level, which can be detected by manufacturers. If you root your Samsung Galaxy A51 and then experience technical difficulties that are normally covered by the warranty, the manufacturer could decline to provide support or service for your device.

Q3: can I still receive official software updates after rooting it?

Yes, rooting your Samsung Galaxy A51 phone can cause problems to receiving official software updates. When you root your device, you often alter the system files and customize settings. Which can interfere with the automatic installation of official software updates provided by the device manufacturer.

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