High success rate best rooting app you are looking for

  • To gain Superuser permissions and privilege control.
  • To maximize your device battery life span.
  • To block ads from apps or websites.
  • To advanced customization of themes.
  • To enjoy secret features.
  • To install incompatible apps.
  • To backup byte by byte.
  • To remove junk’s files.

What is Kingroot App?​

Kingroot Apk 5.4.0 is a dependable Android rooting tool that allows users to bypass the manufacturer’s restrictions with a single click. It grants users superuser rights such as removing pre-installed apps, installing custom ROMs, modified kernels, modded apps or themes, extending battery runtime, helps in changing graphics and functionality.

There are many apps available on the internet, but if you want root your loving phone. Then it’s important to choose trustworthy program that can root your android phone safe and easily. So, it is recommended to root your smartphone or tablets with one of the best tool called “Kingroot“.

Like other rooting solutions, KingRoot app is not formally offered in app stores like Google Play because of security risks and possible exploitation of rooted devices. Before proceeding, users who are thinking about rooting their devices should do thorough study to understand the effects, and use effective tool like kingroot app and root at their own risk. To reduce security threats, it’s also critical to download rooting tools only from reliable sites.

Kingroot App

What is Rooting Android?​

Rooting is derived from the term “Root Access“. Rooting is the process by users of mobiles or tablets can attain privileged full control to their devices. Which means it allows users to bypass developers restrictions and customize to change anything they want.

We know that android phones & tablets are widely used and make our lives easier. Almost, we depends on it for communication, entertainment, productivity and many more. Due to its broad features, you may be unknown of its hidden potentials including enable custom ROMs,  remove bloatware, remove automated ads from games and apps, increase battery lifespan, improve performance, app modification, overclocking or underclocking, wifi tethering and more. These potentials unlock through a process known as “Rooting”.

A rooted device allows users to superuser access as they can replace operating system settings, download specialized apps, modify themes and much more. You may know that rooting an android is a dangerous process, it can harm your device if it done wrong. But with the high success rate app like Kingroot Apk, you can easily root your smartphone.

The process is as jailbreaking an iOS devices. The manufacturers and device carriers apply limitations on newly purchased mobile phones in an effort to protect them from malware and viruses. Malware is software intended to cause harm to your smartphone and steal personal data. So, rooting allows you to take full control over the restrictions that have placed by manufacturer. That’s why some manufactures marked it as illegal.

In the beginning, many manufacturers or carriers prohibit rooting your smartphone since it unlocks its restrictions. However, with the passage of time, some support for rooting and even helps in unlocking the bootloader of many smartphones have developed.

It’s significant to understand that rooting a smartphone or tablet can have positive and negative effects. On the positive side, it gives users more power and options for customization. But it has sure negatives, including voiding the device’s warranty, security issues, and the danger of bricking the device if not done correctly.

What People Do With A Rooted Device?

Rooting your phone can boost the performance of android devices. It is not clearly legal process, as it helps to bypass developers restrictions. That’s why some manufacturer’s allowed it according to users request. So, Many professionals, journalists and IT departments utilize it to perform vital work for their employees.

There are following aspects that users do with a rooted phone:

  • Unlock hidden features.
  • Modify their phone according to their need.
  • Remove pre-installed apps, loaded files or junks to speed up device.
  • Quickly backups their lost data.
  • Increase battery life span helps users to use it more.
  • Block unwanted ads from apps, games or browser.
  • Install restricted third party apps & games.
One Click Root

Prominent Features of Kingroot

Personalized style​

It enables users to personalize or change their Android device visual style or appearance.

Users Forums​

KingRoot users can discuss their experiences, ask questions and share tips.

Quick and Accurate​

It has an ability to root Android devices quickly and effectively with minimal user intervention

Highest Success Rate​

About 99% success rate with a wide range of Android smartphones or tablets.

Intuitive User Interface​

The interface is designed with an intuitive layout for better user experience.

Broad Compatibility​

It's a huge compatibility for many older or newer Android devices.

Ad-Block Capabilities​

It allows users to block unwanted ads from apps and website easily.

Performance Boost​

You can adjust CPU clocking, apply kernels tweaks and clear caches to improve overall system responsiveness.

Battery Optimization

It can remove pre-installed power gaining apps to reduce battery consumption.

What's new in Kingroot Apk 5.4.0?

The latest version of Kingroot is 5.4.0 that comes with many implementations. This update important for correcting users reported errors for reliable rooting experience for their users.

  • Stability and performance optimized.
  • User friendly interface improved.
  • Specific to certain devices or manufacturers errors solved.
  • Android compatibility issues enhanced.
  • Reduce the possibility of bricking devices during the process.
  • Manage the most common causes of failed rooting attempts.
  • Reported bugs has fixed.
  • Enhanced customers support.
  • And many more.
What's new in Kingroot

Looking for a specific way that will fit your needs​

Kingroot For Aandroid

Kingroot For Android

$ 0 Monthly
  • FIle Name: Kingroot 5.4.0 Apk
  • File Size: 13 MB​
  • Developer: KingxTeam​
  • Downloads: 50+ Millions​
  • Last Update: 1 day ago​
Kingroot For Pc

Kingroot For PC

$ 0 Monthly
  • FIle Name: Kingroot.v3.5.0.1157.exe
  • File Size: 32 MB​
  • Developer: Kingroot Studio
  • Downloads: 38+ Millions​
  • Last Update: 1 day ago​

How to Install Kingroot on Android Smartphone or Tablet?

The safest app for rooting an Android device known as Kingroot. With 100% success, it has rooted thousands of Android smartphones. Whatever your level of experience, we will walk you through the straightforward step-by-step instructions to install Kingroot on Android smartphones and tablets. Let’s discuss the following:

  • First of all click on “Download Now” button to download Kingroot latest version. This will direct to main download page, wait for few second for file loading. Download button appear, click to download.

  • Done, then go to file manager on your mobile and search (Kingroot Apk v5.4.0), click ‘install’ to start installation process.

click on install

  • During the installation, you will get a prompt from google play that (this app tries to bypass Android security protections) as show in image.

More details

  • Now, you have to select on “more detail”. Then, click on “install anyway” to continue the process.

Kingroot Installed

  • Once, the app has completely installed, you will get confirm message, click to done.

  • That’s it! enjoy the world powerful root app, now you can root your smartphone or tablets as easily as possible.

How To Root Android With Kingroot?

In this section, we teach you how to root Android using Kingroot? The process is straightforward if you follow our guide. Let’s get started, I’m going to explain step by step to root your Android mobile or tablet.

1. Open “Kingroot App” on your Android device. You can see that it shows model and android version. Wait for few seconds.

Open Kingroot


2. It will ask some necessary permissions allow all to take next step.

3. You will see Kingroot opened, click on optimize button for optimization.

4. Click on left corner option this will directed to Kingroot Lab. In this page you will see your device detail as shown in image below.


5. Now you will see the “Try Root” option.

Try Root

6. Then tap it and the percentage is running. Wait for few moments. 

percentage running

7. That’s it, you will see on the screen that “root successful“. Now, you can get full advantages of rooting. Enjoy!

Kingroot FAQs

Yes, KingxTeam has upgraded its user interface and added new functions over time. It gives users as much control over their device as possible. Kingroot Apk 5.4.0 is compatible with all Android devices, but it may not root all of them. We recommend you to download it from official site.

Yes, kingroot has successfully rooted thousands of phones and tablets. It enables users to gain root access as easily as possible. It is safe and secure whether you use the PC version or Android version.

Using KingRoot on a PC involves connecting your Android device to your computer and then using the KingRoot application on your PC to root your Android device.

The time it takes to root a device using KingRoot can vary depending on factors such as the device model, Android version, and the performance of the device. Typically, the rooting process with KingRoot app is designed to be relatively quick, often taking just a few minutes.

Kingroot Apk 5.4.0 updated version is the powerful rooting app for android getting access to the deepest important code in your phone operating system. It works well on older version of android devices that’s are running b/w android 3.0 to 9.0 or above. However, the most recent version includes various enhancements that function well on some of the most recent smartphone models.

If your phone is failing to root, this happens for the various reasons. This chances appear when:

  • Make sure that you have try a reputable rooting tool.
  • Check security software that you have installed are updated in current version.
  • Check your android version is compatible with the selected root app.
  • Make sure that you have unlocked bootloader of your device.
  • If all above fail, then you need to contact us for help. We will help you to fix it.

If KingRoot appears to be stuck at 1%, it could be due to various reasons such as:

  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Disable developer option, OEM unlock or USB debugging.
  • Device un-compatibility.
  • Latest Android version.
  • Choosing unverified method.

Here’s a guide to fix if it stuck at 1 percent:

  • Firstly, check the internet connection.
  • Make sure that your device developer option, OEM unlock or USB debugging option enabled.
  • Update kingroot to the latest version.
  • Go to developer option and “select mock location app”. Choose kingroot.
  • Then select logger bugger sizes option. Choose 1M.
  • Go to google play store settings and disable the option “scan apps with play protect”.
  • After that go to settings > storage > kingroot > tap to clear cache or remove storage.
  • Now reboot your device and try again.

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