Kingroot Apk 5.4.0

The high success rate ROOTING app you are looking for 

  • To gain Superuser permissions and privilege 
  • To increase battery life span.
  • To Block ads.
  • To advanced customization.
  • To enjoy secret features.
  • To install incompatible apps.
  • To backup byte by byte.
  • To remove junk’s files.
  • To safe and secure rooting

What is Rooting An Android With Kingroot?

Rooting is derived from the term “Root Access“. Rooting is the process by users of mobiles or tablets can attain privileged full control to their devices. Which means Kingroot Apk 5.4.0 allows users to bypass developers restrictions and customize to change anything they want.

We know that android phones & tablets are widely used and make our lives easier. Almost, we depends on it for communication, entertainment, productivity and many more. Due to its broad features, you may be unknown of its hidden potentials including enable custom ROMs,  remove bloatware, remove automated ads from games and apps, increase battery lifespan, improve performance, app modification, overclocking or underclocking, wifi tethering and more. These potentials unlock through a process known as “Rooting” and one of the most popular tool for this task called “Kingroot.”

If you are rooting your Android device incorrectly, this can lead to severe consequences. So, it’s my advised to only root if you’re an expert in the process. However, there are more apps available, they provide one click rooting. One of the most popular called “Kingroot”. With One-click root, you can root your mobile or tablets and customize advance setting in a few moments.

What is Kingroot
people do with a rooted device

Why People Do With A Rooted Device?

Rooting your phone is a legal process. Usually, it helps to bypass developers restrictions to increase performance of android phones or tablets. Many professionals, journalists and IT departments utilize it to perform vital work for their employees.

There are following aspects that users do with a rooted phone:

  • Unlock hidden features.
  • Remove loaded files or junks to speed up device.
  • Quickly backups their lost data.
  • Increase battery life span helps the phone do more.
  • Block unwanted ads from apps, games or browser.
  • Change the setup of third party apps.

Prominent Features Of Kingroot


Root Your Mobiles Or Tablets

KingRoot Apk is amazingly highest success rating of about 98%. You can easily root your Android phone in a single click.

What is the best rooting app for android?>>

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speed up your android performance

It can analyze, fix and tune to speed up your android device by 34%. So, this is a great thing for you that every functions work in lightspeed.

Does KingRoot work 2023?

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100% protected data

It was developed Kingroot studio, it's a completely safe and reliable process whether you are rooting your mobile or tablets in a few seconds.

Is kingroot safe?

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Eliminate All Ads

Sometimes you notice some ads starts opening automatically on your screen. With this app, you can eliminate these ads from apps and websites and get rid of them.

How do I get rid of ads on my rooted Android phone?

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Enjoy more faster space and a faster device

By removing junks file like bloatware, leftover files and other unwanted program to save your gigabytes and get your mobile working

How do I free up space on root?

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Boost Battery Life Span

Say good by the power consuming program by custom ROM's that specially designed to increase battery life for maximize usage.

How can I Improve battery my battery with root?

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Supports thousands of well-known Models

KingRoot is designed to work with a wide variety of Android smartphone and tablet models from various manufacturers.

What version of Android is KingRoot supported?

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Keep Your Device and its tools running smoothly

Updates are extremely important in correcting user-reported errors. KingRootxTeam has improves the performance regularly of its rooting procedures.

What is the latest version of KingRoot?

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Simple UI Design Interface

The process is user-friendly and simple to use. It can only takes a few moment to install.

How To install kingroot App?

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Keep Your Device and its tools running smoothly

To identify and support new device models, Kingroot frequently depends on feedback from its user community.

Is it Legit Or Safe To Root Android?

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What's New In Kingroot Apk 5.4.0 Latest Version?

The latest version of kingroot comes with many with many implementations. It enhanced for a reliable and secure rooting experience for their users.

  • Stability and performance optimized.
  • User friendly interface improved.
  • Specific to certain devices or manufacturers errors solved.
  • Android compatibility issues enhanced.
  • Reduce the possibility of bricking devices during the process.
  • Manage the most common causes of failed rooting attempts.
  • Reported bugs has fixed.
  • Enhanced customers support.
  • And many more.

Details Of KingRoot?

The latest version of Kingroot apk is about 5.4.0, updated on 31st sep 2023. Following details are given below..



App Detail
  • File Size:13 MB
  • Supported Devices: 3.0 or above
  • Developer: KingxTeam
  • Downloads: 50+ Millions
  • Last Update: 1 day ago
Root any android with kingroot

How To Install Kingroot On Android?

Kingroot is the safest app for root your android. It has rooted millions of android devices with 100% success. Just follow given setups carefully, we will guide you how to install Kingroot Apk on your mobile or tablets.

First of all click the above ‘download link’ button to download.

This will direct to main download page, wait for few second for file loading. Download button appear, click to download.

Done, then go to file manager on your mobile and search (Kingroot Apk v5.4.0), click  ‘install’ to start installation process.


During the installation, you will get a prompt from google play (shown at screenshot), this is because of security reason.


Now, you have to select on ‘detail’. Then, click on ‘install anyway’ to continue the process.

Once, the app has completely installed, you will get confirm message, click to done.


Congratulations! Enjoy the world powerful root app, now you can root your smartphone or tablets with matters of second.


How To Root Android With Kingroot?

KingRoot Apk is first-class android app for those who want to obtain root. It allows users to gain super-user permissions and privilege to get full control over your devices, which allows them to install and use apps that require root access. It has rooted thousands of mobiles or tablets with 98% success rate. In this section, we teach you how to root android using kingroot? Let’s get started, I’m going to explain step by step to root your mobiles or tablets.

Just go to android browser to open it, you can also search from Google for ‘KingRoot APK Latest Version’. Then you will see different results, click any of them.

After that you have to download this application, just follow provided setups.

Press ‘Open’ button to startup kingroot.


Then click on ‘TRY IT’ button to enter main interface and press ‘Get Now’ button to begins rooting process.


In the step, you will see the percentage running.


Note: Don’t turn off your device while process is taking place and you will reboot several times, because the process is working. Once the process is completed you will return to home screen.


Done. Go to play store and search ‘Root checker’ and install it, then click to verify to see that the root have enabled or not.

Some Important Points You Should Know

Rooting provides advance features, but if you don’t do it correctly, it will brick your smartphone. We recommend you to do it, if you know about their rules. Otherwise not do it. However, there are several number of apps that provide one click root like “Kingroot”. It runs only the android running b/w 3.0 to 7.0. So, we share some rules for you, must read it. 

Kingroot performs well for older version androids 7.0 or above

We recommend to root your mobile or tablets only if you are expert.

Please read the points, “how to root android?” from this page.

After rooting on android, if you don’t feel good while using rooted android. Get our guides on “how to unroot android device?”. Apply the helpful guides to unroot your device.

Before attempting, please create a complete backup of your data. If any incident, your data will be safe

Only use those types of rooting tools, you know about. Download Kingroot or relevent software from trusted reputable source.

Before rooting, make sure you are select the right software and checked it is compatible with your device.

If you are using antivirus or malware apps in your device, check these are updated in current version. Update these program to protect from threats.

Hope this points will help you soo.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, With passage of time KingxTeam has improved its UI and add some features. It’s a trusted reliable to use, to install it follow above guidelines carefully. If you don’t do it perfectly, you will brick your phone permanently. We recommend you to install it from reputable source or official website.

Yes, if you want to root your smartphone with kingroot 2023. Just follow our simple tasks how to root android? you will able to root your phone in a few moment.

Yes, it has rooted thousands of smartphones or tablets in a safe and reliable way. The process is compatible for both PC or Android. it is completely secured with 99% success rate..

The task is simple to get start, this takes a few seconds to complete. Otherwise, it may take longer, if there is any network issue.

Kingroot is the powerful rooting app for android getting access to the deepest important code in your phone operating system. It works well on older version of android devices that’s are running b/w android 3.0 to android 9.0.

If your phone is failing to root, this happens for the various reasons. This chances appear when:

  • To ensure that your device is not rooted.
  • Check security software that you have installed are updated in current version.
  • Check your android version is compatible with the selected root app.
  • Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your device. 
  • If all above fail, then you need to contacting the manufacturer for assistance. They may support your to fix it.
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