SuperSU Zip/Apk Latest Version Download (2024)

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SuperSU Zip/Apk Latest Version

SuperSU is the most popular tool for managing android device root settings. It works as a superuser app and doesn’t require technical expertise. The SuperSU Zip/Apk latest version was developed by “Chainfire” allows users to give specific programs root access or not.

If you want to root your device and take full advantages of rooting benefits then this tool will help you soo. This official Google Play Store app is simple to use and available. Since this software is not a third-party app, it is completely safe and secure.

People asking me various questions about SuperSU such as how can I root my Android device with SuperSU?, how do I install SuperSU on a rooted Android, how can I root my device using SuperSU if my device is not supported by TWRP, Is SuperSU safe for my Android device, Can I flash SuperSU from stock recovery in Android and more.

You are aware that there are numerous articles online that provide great detail about it. We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of it in this post, along with a detailed answer to each question.

What does rooting mean?

Rooting means the process of getting administrative or superuser access to the Android operating system. Users with this level of access have complete control over the device’s software and hardware, including the ability to edit system files, install custom software and conduct operations that are normally restricted on non-rooted (unmodified) Android smartphones.

What is SuperSU?

Rooting an Android device gives users more control and customization choices. When SupeSU was first published in 2012, it made controlling root permissions simple and risk-free. It means that for every apps on your device that requires root access, it provides comprehensive administration of Superuser access rights.

Furthermore, it gives users transparency and control while preventing harmful apps from abusing root rights. Two files are available on the internet; one is in.apk format and the other is format. You can get Apk straight from the Google Play Store. The SuperSu Zip is flash able, you can install it with the help of Custom recovery like TWRP Recovery. You can learn more about from Wikipedia

Features of SuperSU:

  • It prompts you when an app requests root permissions, giving you the choice to allow or deny access.
  • SuperSU logs all root access requests, allowing you to see which apps have requested superuser capabilities in the past. It also has notification options so you can stay up to date on root access activity on your device.
  • If you decide to remove root access from your device, it offers an unrooting option.
  • SuperSU offers a systemless root method, which allows for a more seamless rooting process without modifying the system partition.
  • Wide range of Android devices and versions.
  • Advanced users can create and run scripts in conjunction.
  • OTA survival mode helps users preserve root access during system updates.
  • To enhance security, SuperSU allows you to set up a PIN or password protection for the app
  • SuperSU can integrate with the Xposed Framework
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Despite some slowdown in development, SuperSU still has an active community of users and developers who provide support and updates.

Extra Benefits of Rooting Your Smartphone With SuperSU:

Rooting your smartphone using SuperSU provides numerous of further advantages. These extra benefits might greatly improve your Android experience. Here are some other advantages to rooting your smartphone:

  • Reduce the risk of bricking.
  • Easily access to exclusive apps that are not accessible before.
  • Create unique gesture controls and shortcuts to simplify device interaction.
  • Enhances users device privacy and security.
  • You can install custom fonts.
  • You can manually install official firmware updates or custom ROMs.
  • It blocks ads from games, apps or browser.
  • It can boost gaming performance by overclock the CPU and GPU.
  • Enhance audio equalizers to improve quality.
  • You can easily create full system backup.
  • It can optimize power consumption of your phone battery.

What is SuperSU Zip?

The SuperSU Zip file contains the SuperSU binaries as well as various scripts required for controlling root access. The binary component of SuperSU has the responsible for granting and managing root access. The ZIP package may also include support files and resources required by the  to work properly. Configuration settings, icons, and other materials might be included in these files.

SuperSU Zip/Apk Latest Version v2.8.2 Download:

Download Link (.zip file)

Download Link (.apk file)

How to download & install SuperSU to Root Your Andriod? Easy steps

Here are the general steps for installing SuperSU using TWRP:

Step#1: Download the SuperSU Zip File:

Go to a trusted source or the official website to download the SuperSU zip file (usually in .zip format). Make sure you download the latest version compatible with your device. You can download latest version from below provided links. If you don’t have TWRP tool and don’t know how to install then read guide from here.

Here: How to install TWRP recovery?

Step#2: Transfer the Zip File:

Transfer the downloaded SuperSU zip file to your Android device’s internal storage or SD card.

Step#3: Boot into Custom Recovery:

Turn off your device and then boot it into custom recovery mode (Press and hold the Volume Down button + Home button (if require) + Power button at the same time. As soon as your device screen goes black, immediately leave the Volume down button and swap to Volume Up button while still holding other 2 buttons. Keep the 3 buttons pressed until you get into TWRP Recovery.)

Boot into Custom Recovery

Step#4: Install the SuperSU Zip:

In recovery mode, navigate using the volume buttons and use the power button to select options. Locate the “Install” or “Install from zip” option and choose the SuperSU zip file you transferred in step 2.

select supersu zip file

Step#5: Flash the Zip File:

Then tap on swip to confirm flash. The SuperSU zip will be flashed to your device.

swip to confirm flash

Step#6: Reboot Your Device:

After the installation is complete, choose the “Reboot System” option in recovery mode.


Step#7: Finally:

Now check that “SuperSU” has been installed on your device successfully and you will have root access.

SuperSu installed

Note: By following these steps, you can root your android device easily. If you confused about these steps, you can ask us anytime.

Is SuperSU safe for my Android device?

If used carefully with right method with a clear understanding of the risks involved. SuperSU can be safe for your Android device. We suggest your that before starting any procedure, it is critical to conduct research, follow reliable recommendations, and only allow root access to trusted apps and actions.

By getting superuser access, you can automatically grant that access to dangerous apps or behaviors. Make sure you understand the risks and only provide root access to trusted apps and developers.

Final Words:

SuperSU is a valid root access management program. However, the safety of the device really depends on how it is used. Giving root access to untrusted or potentially malicious apps can put your security at risk. As a result, it is critical to be responsible and cautious when granting programs root rights. So, do it at your own risk.

Make sure this guide has helped you soo. If you have any confusion related to SuperSU then feel free to tell us. We respond you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting.


Q1: How do I install SuperSU on a rooted Android?

Installing SuperSU on an already rooted Android device involves a straightforward process, assuming your device has been rooted properly. You can easily install it by following our provided steps. Make sure your Android smartphone is rooted. If it isn’t already rooted, you’ll need to use the right rooting method.

Q2: How can I root my device using SuperSU if my device is not supported by TWRP?

If your device isn’t supported by TWRP or a custom recovery, you might need to look at other options for rooting and controlling root access. You can use alternative tool like ClockworkMod or Philz. try Magisk Manager, which gives systemless root access and can be installed via custom recoveries.

Q3: Can I flash SuperSU from stock recovery in Android?

This is not a common or recommended means of obtaining root access. Manufacturers typically build the stock recovery that comes pre-installed on Android devices to perform key operations such as software upgrades, factory resets, and system maintenance.  It doesn’t have the advanced features required for rooting.

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