How to Root Samsung Galaxy A13

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A13 By Magisk With/Without TWRP

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy A13

Recently, I’ve received a lot of questions about how to root Samsung galaxy a13? So, today I’ve responded to the most frequently asked questions in this blog post such as what does root samsung galaxy a13?, is it possible to root Samsung galaxy a13, why is it important to root samsung a13, is it safe to use root samsung phone? 

Samsung releases new exciting smartphones with innovative functions and designs on a regular basis. According to estimates, there are around 1 billion Samsung users in the worldwide smartphone market in this year. After the release of the Samsung Galaxy A13, most people purchased it because it is positioned as a budget-friendly smartphone with a 6.5-inch display and a long battery life.

With so many advantages, some users want to modify its functionality and software. If you own a Samsung Galaxy A13 and want to maximize its abilities, you should consider rooting it. Rooting your device provides you complete control over its operating system.

What does Root Samsung Galaxy A13?

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy A13 grants users administrative access to the Android operating system. It allowed users to edit system files, remove manufacturer restrictions, and install custom software and many more. Remember that it provides additional control & customization options but it also voids your phone warranty.

With a rooted phone, you’re able to personalize your device by changing system settings, wiping unwanted bloatware, wiping pre-installed apps or files, blocking ads and more.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooting Galaxy A13:

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy A13 has several benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. It is cleared by the following:


  • Advance Customization: You can customize the overall appearance of your system by changing the fonts, themes, icons, and even installing custom ROMs.
  • Bloatware Removal: You can save up space by uninstalling pre-installed software known as “bloatware” that you don’t use.
  • Increase Battery Life: You may extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A13 by configuring powerful consuming apps.
  • Improve Performance: You can potentially improve the device’s overall efficiency and responsiveness by deleting bloatware and modifying system settings.


  • Warranty Voids: It may voids your device warranty.
  • Security Risks: Rooted devices are more vulnerable to malware and security threats.
  • No OTA upgrades: Rooted smartphone may not receive OTA software upgrades.
  • Banking and Streaming Apps: Due to security concerns, some banking and streaming apps may not work after root.

What are the best apps for rooting the Samsung A13?

As we know that there are various apps available on the internet that allow you to root your Android device with a single click. However, we’ll tell you widely used applications for root Samsung Galaxy A13 with a single click including Kingroot, Magisk, iRoot, Odin3, Framaroot, CF-Auto Root, SuperSU.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A13: A Complete Guide

Rooting grants advanced access and control over the operating system of the device. It is important to remember that rooting is neither required or recommended for all users. After reading its pros and cons, you know that it has great benefits as well as risks. Rethink, but still if you’ve decided to root your Samsung Galaxy A13 to take it to the next level.

Before we begin, there are some factors to keep in mind before rooting:

Things to consider before rooting:

Before you begin rooting your Samsung phone, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a safe and smooth procedure. As you are understanding, rooting is a critical procedure. As a result, we’ll proceed carefully by the following through step by step.

Here are the following factors, you should know before root:

  • Backup Your Data: Back up all your important data such as contacts, photos, videos, messages and any other files you want to keep.
  • Charge Your Phone: Before beginning the process, make sure your Samsung Galaxy A13 has a sufficiently charged battery (preferably above 50%).
  • Enable USB Debugging: Go to the device’s settings, navigate to “About phone,” and tap on “Software information.” Find the “Build number” and tap it multiple times until you see a message indicating that Developer Options are enabled. Go back to the main settings screen, and you should now see “Developer Options” or “System” in the menu. Enter Developer Options and enable “USB Debugging.”
  • Install Required Drivers: You need USB drivers for your Samsung Galaxy A13 installed on your computer. You can usually find these drivers on the official Samsung website or through ADB Drivers or Fastboot.
  • Read Guide: Read all the instructions and proceed with the caution.

Method#1: Root Samsung Galaxy A13 With Magisk: (Using PC)

Magisk is a one-click most popular rooting solution that gives you more control over your Android phone so you can personalize it. It has rooted many samsung smartphone that are running above 4.0. That’s why it stands out with 99% success rate.

Here are the few steps to root samsung galaxy a13 without TWRP Recovery:

Step#1: Make sure that you have read the previously mentioned steps, such as data backup and USB debugging. If not enable, then read the above factors before starting this procedure.

Step#2: Download the “Maigsk Manager” from official site. Then you need to enable “OEM Unlocking” option, simply go to——>”developer option” and check the OEM unlocking option to activate.

Enable OEM Unlocking

Step#3: So, in this method you need to unlock bootloader of Samsung galaxy a13. Simply, power off your phone. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Connect your phone to your PC using the data cable. Once you see the bootloader warning screen, press and hold the Volume Up button to unlock the bootloader on your device. If this tricks not working, then read our complete guide.

Read Guide: How to Unlock Bootloader Without PC

Read More: How to Root Samsung Galaxy A14 Without PC

Step#4: After that you need to download “Stock Firmware“. simply open a any web browser and go to the official “Samsung firmware download page“. You can usually find it on the Samsung support website. On the firmware download page, enter your device’s model number, serial number, and region information.

Samsung firmware download page

Step#5: After entering the device details, the search results will display available firmware versions for your device. Select the one that matches your device. Click on the firmware version you want to download.

Samsung support: Link

Step#5: After downloading the stock firmware for your Galaxy A13, you must extract it by using Winrar or Winzip.

Step#6: Then you need to patch the downloaded file using magisk app. Open the app and choose downloaded file. The AP firmware file will begin to be patched. You will notice a message stating that the AP firmware file has been patched once the patching is finished. You can find the patched file in the Downloads folder.

patch the downloaded file using magisk app

Step#7: In this step you need to boot Galaxy A13 into download mode. Shut off the phone simultaneously (holding down the Power button and the Volume Down button). Hold the buttons down until the bootloader warning screen appears. If the bootloader of your device has already been unlocked, simply press the volume up button once.

Step#8: After that download “Odin3” from official website. Run the Odin software on your computer.


Step#9: Make sure you enter into download mode. Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

Step#10: Please carefully do this step, In Odin, click on the buttons for specific firmware files:

  • Click the “AP” button and select the patched AP firmware file.
  • Click the “BL” button and select the “Bootloader” firmware file.
  • Click the “CP” button and select the “Modem” or “CP” firmware file.
  • Click the “CSC” button and select the “CSC” firmware file.

Step#11: Ensure that the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options in Odin are checked.

Checked Auto Reboot

Step#12: Once you’ve loaded the firmware files and confirmed the settings, click the “Start” button in Odin3.

Step#13: Your phone will start to be flashed with the modified AP firmware by Odin. Your phone will reboot throughout the process, which could take a few minutes.

Step#14: When the flashing is complete, Odin will display a “Pass” message in the green box.

Step#15: After that your phone will restart on its own. Give it time to finish booting up.

Step#16: If the patched firmware was properly applied, you should to have root access after your phone has booted up. You can confirm this by root checking app. You can download it easily from google play.

Note: Keep in mind that changing your phone firmware and rooting it carry certain risks and can void its warranty. Use the proper firmware for your individual phone model and carefully follow these instructions, and only continue if you are familiar with complicated technical tasks.

Method#2: Root Samsung Galaxy A13 Using TWRP Recovery: (Without PC)

The process is too simple to root your Samsung Galaxy A13 using TWRP Recovery without pc. People also ask is it possible to root Samsung galaxy a13 without using pc? the answer to the question is to possible and safe.

However, here are an easy steps:

Step#1: Open the browser on Samsung Galaxy A13 and search “Magisk Manager“. Download it from official site or trusted source.

Step#2: Once the APK file is downloaded, open it to install Magisk Manager on your device.

install Magisk Manager

Step#3: Open the app and go to the “Install” section. Download the latest Magisk ZIP file from within the app. This ZIP file is necessary for rooting your device.

Step#4: To flash the Magisk ZIP and root your device, you need a custom recovery like TWRP Recovery (Team Win Recovery Project). If you already have TWRP installed, boot into TWRP recovery mode. Then simultaneously pressing and holding the volume up, power to boot into recovery mode.

Click the TWRP flash option

Step#5: In TWRP recovery, select “Install” or “Flash.” Navigate to the location where you downloaded the Magisk ZIP file and select it. Swipe to confirm the flash. This will install Magisk and root your device.

Swipe to confirm the flash

Step#6: After the Magisk ZIP is successfully flashed, select “Reboot” and then “System.”

Magisk ZIP is successfully flashed

Step#7: Once your device has rebooted, open the Magisk Manager app to confirm that your Samsung Galaxy A13 has been successfully rooted.

Final Words:

As you know that rooting your Samsung Galaxy A13 smartphone can have serious procedure. So, be sure you fully understand the procedure and its implications before starting. Remember that specific techniques depending on the model and firmware version of your device. If you have any questions related to these steps, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is TWRP, and why is it needed for rooting?

TWRP is a most popular custom recovery tool to gain root access. It allows users the installation of custom ROMs, modifications, and root packages on your device. It offers advanced software management features for your device. The process is compatible for many android devices including smartphones or tablets.

Q2: Is it safe to root my Samsung Galaxy A13?

Yes, rooting your Samsung Galaxy A13 is the safe and reliable if you follow the above steps carefully and backup your data before doing it. Keep in mind that rooting your smart phone may lose its warranty and have unanticipated effects, so continue with caution.

Q3: Can I root my Samsung Galaxy A13 without a computer?

Yes, you can root your Samsung Galaxy A13 without a computer by using one-click Android programs like as Magisk, iRoot, Kingroot, Kingoroot, and others. Another technique of rooting a phone without a computer is to use custom recovery software such as TWRP Recovery, OrangeFox Recovery. PitchBlack Recovery and others.

Q4: Can I unroot my rooted Samsung Galaxy A13 after rooting it?

Yes, you can unroot your device by flashing the standard firmware or installing unrooting programs. Unrooting your smartphone will allow you to reclaim your warranty and delete any root-related modifications.

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